About Flint Horror Collective

Hi, and thanks for your interest in the Flint Horror Colletive.

Of the dozens of questions you may have for us one of the biggest may be - who is driving this bus to crazy town?
The answer? 
Just like you. 

The Flint Horror Collective is comprised of friends who are lifelong fans of horror, special effects, haunted houses, and all the things that go bump in the night. Right along with our love for the creepier things in life is a strong love for Flint, Michigan, where we'll be having the event. It isn't hard to find negative things about Flint with a quick search but what is often missed is the passion and talent that is here every day and it's our hope that in bringing the convention downtown we'll join a growing trend of new life and excitement here. 

The Flint Horror Collective sprang from a desire to take all of our collective passions and to create something special for horror fans in Mid-Michigan. All four of us have been to a lot of conventions and too often you feel like you are cattle and are hit with high prices at every turn so our aim is to give fans a day where they can get together and have fun, watch some movies, dress up in costumes, and pick up something scary from our vendors and all for a low entry price. We want to make a fun, friendly, and inexpensive day. A day you won't forget. 

At its heart the Flint Horror Collective is about you guys, the fans, because we're fans too and we can't wait to meet all of you. 


So what is the Monster Marketplace and what happened to the Horror Con/Monster Marketplace?

After five wonderful years we realized that we just weren't able to put on shows the way we had been any longer. We love doing them and hope you folks loved them but we just were not able to financially support the enterprise any longer. We took a break in 2015 and focused on smaller, free, events and internally decided what came next.  We are dedicated to doing low cost horror shows in the Mid-Michigan area and are honored to be able to have so many great folks support us. 

We have transitioned into the Flint Fright FilmFest, to bring strange and wonderful short horror to our area every Fall but we also do all of our other weird smaller scale events through the year as well to keep the terror flowing all year long. 


Check out our Twitter, our Facebook, or pop by here from time to time for updates on what we're working on. 

TWITTER - flinthorrorcon

                               FACEBOOK - www.facebook.com/flinthorrorcon


Want to see what the con is like? Some friends in UM-Flint's film department made a short video of the 2011 Con. 

Check it out!


**The Flint Horror Collective is a FOR PROFIT enterprise.**

Why? Because we feel that there are too many worthy charities and community focused organizations that are better suited for non-profit status. We are a horror show, though one that is community focused, and as such we see no point in trying to be non-profit. Any proceeds from the con go right back into the con to keep this big monster truck of terror rolling. 

If you have any questions about us, just ask. 



We ask that you please respect everyone at our shows – from the guests, to the vendors, to the other fans and finally to the staff. We are all part of the same horror family and we need to look out for one another. If we hear of any incidents of harassment of any kind we will look into the situation and ask anyone we feel has crossed the line to leave the show. We remind everyone that we’re all a part of the same family and at the show for the same reason – to have fun. Let’s keep things respectful and fun.

Thanks –

Flint Horror Collective Ghoul Crew